Why Lithium battery can not charge below -10 degree centigrade

Why lithium battery can not charge below -10 °
Lithium battery is awesome. It make all the things from impossible to possible. We can enjoy our music radio, TV all the time all the place. But there is the question how to hand the lithium battery, can we charge the battery below -10°。
First it is dangerous to charge the battery below -10 degrees Celsius.If your doing this, please stop it, since it can bring potential dangerous to the battery.
How do your know this、
Please find below for the charging and discharging process of the battery:
The charging process is the process of the li ion go to the negative side(with the main raw material carbon). While the discharging process is the process of the li ion go the the positive side (with the main raw material (LiCo02).
If the temperature is too low, say -10 degrees Celsius. Then the li ion freezing at the negative side with the phenomenon of Lithium crystal. The lithium crystal can puncture the separate. Then the negative and the positive side go together, as a result short circuit.