First, the new energy vehicle power battery standard.

On the one hand, the power battery size, model number, only the cylindrical battery model contains 18650,21700,26650,36650 and so on more than 10 kinds of models. Standard is not unified, large battery companies affect production efficiency; the other hand, the size of the power battery also determines the size of its automation, intelligent production management, to achieve battery consistency, security enhancements.

Second, the UAV lithium battery standard.

At present, in addition to the new energy automotive application market, the UAV is another big market for lithium batteries. The industry said that 25Kg the following UAV are basically using lithium batteries. However, the other side of the coin, UAV “black fly” brought about by the regulation, security and supporting the lack of battery life has become the constraints of its development of the two major problems.

Third, the electric balance car lithium battery standard.

As a simple transit tool for urban residents in recent years, electric balance car because of the majority of consumers favor and “popular.” However, under the hot, electric balance car market need to break through the matching lithium battery quality, order and other difficulties.