smart lock

What’s the functions of the smart locks,the functions should be based on  installation, security, features, and smart home compatibility.Due to COVID-19, we should stay at home and keep social distance. But surely we need to get the parcel everyday,now smart lock would help your.When the deliveryman delivery the parcel to your, your have to let them go into your house,but for safely, your don’t want come near them,then the smart locks would be help your.Your can control smart locks from your smartphone,so your can lock and unlock your door. What’s more if your are not at home,a smart lock can send you an alert when someone arrives home and unlocks the door. Also, most smart locks let you create temporary virtual keys, which you can program to only work during specific hours.

Sure there are other functions for the smar lock.But sure in order to make the smart lock work well, the battery is very important . Kayobattery will b your good choice, we are the supplier for Ring( one of the largest smar lock in USA, now it was purchased by Amazon)