Power your home

The power is off, but life should be going on.

Then Kayo’s Home storage battery with solar panels can power your home.

Main feature of Home storage battery:

  • Application areas:Office Equipment: Laptop, telephone, printer, monitor, copier, fax machine, shredder, projector, etc
  • Household Appliances: TV sets, video recorders, stereos, DVD projectors, VCD projectors, electric fans, lighting and refrigerators
  • Rural tourism: outdoor lighting, microwave, cooking, etc
  • Outdoor work: power tools, vehicles for assistance, rescue and relief, business promotion, etc
  • Leisure and entertainment: mobile phone, PDA, digital video camera, digital camera, battery charging and GPS satellite
  • Technical spec of polymer battery pack
    1 Rate Capacity 65.5Ah  
    2 Nominal Voltage 48V  
    3 Cycle Life 800次  
    4 Cut-off Voltage 39V  
    5 Charge Voltage 54.6V  
    6 Standard Charge 9A CC/CV charging to 54.6V until the current≤0.01C Charge time:Approx9.0h
    7 Standard Charge Continuous Current持:0~25A

    Cut-off Voltage:39V

    8 MAX Continuous Charge Current 1C(65A)  
    9 MAX Continuous Discharge Current 2C(130A)  
    10 Internal Impedance 130mΩ

    Inverter Technical Parameters

    1 Input Standard Voltage DC48V
    Voltage Range DC39V~59V
    No-Load Current <0.25A
    Efficiency >85%
    Connecting Line Alligator clip (thread length: 60CM)          60CM)
    2 Output Voltage Range 100V±5%
    Continuous Power 1000Watt
    Instantaneous Power 2000 Watt
    Frequency 50/60HZ±0.2
    Waveform Pure sinusoidal waveform
    3 Protection Function Lack-voltage alarm 40.5V±0.5
    Lack-voltage protection 39V±0.5
    Overvoltage protection 60V±0.5
    Overheating protection >75℃
    Overload protection 1200W
    Short-circuit protection  
    4 Start Method SS (soft start)  
    5 Cooling Method The fan cooling  
    6 Working environment -10~70℃  
    7 Weight 2.2Kg  
    8 Dimension 290*130*55mm