Social distance

During this critical time in our world, it is better to keep social distance.Every individual or organizations have the aims to to maintain total occupancy for a safer and healthier environment for both staff and customers. As for the organizations such as the  big shops,malls, museums,they have to keep  Crowd Control and Surveillance Solution monitors the number of customers entering and exiting buildings provides surveillance for added security and monitors customers to ensure social distancing regulations are followed.

As for the individual, it is better to bring one smart device , it warns the user when somebody is too near. This device must be sound, lights up and vibrates as soon as the social distancing rules are violated.

All this means high level of R&D teams, besides a good quality battery is vital. Kayo battery, the good quality battery to support any smart device your designed.


smart lock

What’s the functions of the smart locks,the functions should be based on  installation, security, features, and smart home compatibility.Due to COVID-19, we should stay at home and keep social distance. But surely we need to get the parcel everyday,now smart lock would help your.When the deliveryman delivery the parcel to your, your have to let them go into your house,but for safely, your don’t want come near them,then the smart locks would be help your.Your can control smart locks from your smartphone,so your can lock and unlock your door. What’s more if your are not at home,a smart lock can send you an alert when someone arrives home and unlocks the door. Also, most smart locks let you create temporary virtual keys, which you can program to only work during specific hours.

Sure there are other functions for the smar lock.But sure in order to make the smart lock work well, the battery is very important . Kayobattery will b your good choice, we are the supplier for Ring( one of the largest smar lock in USA, now it was purchased by Amazon)

How we do facing the Covid-19

As many cities approach a full month in lockdown, white-collar workers are settling into routines that previously would have seemed bizarre.

A new poll by scholars at MIT found that 34% of American employees have switched from commuting to remote work.

So below are the approach of kayobattery’s action

Kayo battery is taking action to reduce the risk of supply chain disruption due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Kayobattery has implemented Company-wide awareness about the outbreak and taken steps to keep our employees safe.

Please reference the attached document regarding Kayobattery’s manufacturing of materials designated as essential

Until further notice:

  • No visitors other than most essential ones are allowed in Kayobattery facilities.
  • Kayobattery have suspended employee travel for non-essential business purposes.
  • Kayobattery employees will not be allowed to visit supplier offices until the government allow
  • We have instructed Kayobattery’s Employees to use Skype or other video communications to replace face to face Kayobattery and Supplier meetings.
  • All of the kayobattery’s production line are living in the factory’s dormitory. If they want go out, they should apply first

Our goal in these actions is to reduce the risk to our employees, communities, families, customers and your employees as we work to service our customers.  Working together we will monitor and adjust to this situation as necessary.


Take care of yourself and others


Kayo battery’s strength

Kayobattery have the specialized machinery and experienced operators that are needed to make high performance

What’s more,kayo battery compliance with child-labour laws is strong , that cannot always be said about other markets.

Besides kayobattery are located in Pearl river deltawhich is unmateched even in Silicon valley with unique blend of scale and agility.

Although other firms are looking seriously at shifting its sourcing for the global market from China to other developing countries,

but finds other developing countires” unreliable”. Thanks to automation and high value-add, Shenzhen is still King.

Short journey In Qingyuan Guandong province

New high revune for kayobattery in June 2019.
In order to celebrate the new high revenue for kayobattery in June 2019.
As our boss’s opinion, everyone has done something to countribute to those new high revenue.
We will extend the coverage of policy incentive in the form of equities and dividends to allow the people share in the commercialization of high revenue.
Our boss decide we will have a short journey to Qingyuan in Guangdong province where it was famous for the rafting.
Your can see how our people enjoyed this trip. Wow, we wish a second time trip.
powered -cradle rugged- batteries

New factory in Dongguan city

With over 10 years of development, KAYO get high reputation at home and aboard.
More and more company would like to choose cooperate with Kayo battery.
In order to meet the leadtime of our customers,we shift our packing factory in Dongguancity as below address
Dongguan Factory Address:No 123, One Lane,ShaJingTou, MaTiGang village,DaLingShanTown,Dongguan City,China
With the phone number:+86 0769-8187 0916 +86 0769-81870671
Fax number:+86 0769-8187 0672

EV Batteries: A $240 Billion Industry In The Making

Even those who consider themselves somewhat knowledgeable about the electric vehicle (EV) industry would be hard pressed to name more than a handful of EV battery suppliers.

Most would quickly name Japan’s Panasonic and South Korea’s Samsung and LG Chem, as well as reference the Gigafactoy that Panasonic and Tesla opened this past January in Nevada. A few of the more knowledgeable would also name BYD, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in China that is also one of the world’s largest battery suppliers.

Other than those names, however, and perhaps one or two other lesser known players, the list would end there.

Nearly everyone would be surprised to learn that there are now more than 140 EV battery manufacturers in China, busily building capacity in order to claim a share of what will become a $240 billion global industry within the next 20 years. As in all things auto, EVs and the batteries that will power them promise to be big industries in China.

Battery minerals

The Battery revolution has produced a new frenzy in the Australian outback!

In most of the countries cobalt is extracted as a by-product of copper and nickel, but it has recently become more valuable than nickel because of its scarcity.

Such is the anticipated demand for it in the lithium -ion battery industry that shortages are expected within a few years.

In each case, the companies argue that they offer a more secure source of raw material can be reproduced more cheaply from brine in South American, political, business

and legal risks are lower in Australia. Moreover, Mr Brinsden argues that spodumene can be processed directly into lithium hydroxide,

which is preferred by battery-makers to the lithium carbonate that comes from lithim chloride in brine.

Phil Thick, boss of Tianqi Lithium Australia, the majority-owner of Greenbushes, a lithium mine in Western Australia that is the world’s largest ,foresees no shortage of lithium itself-

especially metal that is lower grade than that mined from Greenbushes.

But he says there is a lack of processing capacity, so Tianqi, which is Chinese -owned, and its American partner, Albermarle, have plans to lift production of lithium hydroxide in Western

Australia for export to China.


As for cobalt, Clearn TeQ says that its production will have none of the ethical issues associated with the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC)

from where 60% of today’s supply comes.DRC cobalt is partly produced by “artisanal”miners that often use children with pickaxes to produce the metal.


Battery For Electronic Pipette

Electronic Pipette
There are Many Benefits of Switching to an Electronic Pipette
Accuracy, precision, ergonomics and efficiency are of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing your pipettes. One of the most significant advances in pipetting technology was the advent of the electronic pipette, which has revolutionized liquid handling in the modern lab. The electronic pipette is used routinely in all types of laboratories. Pipettes come in a range of shapes and sizes, and with a variety of different technologies incorporated into their design, enabling scientists to find the best fit for them.
1. Time Saving
One of the primary benefits of an electronic pipette is increasing productivity in the lab. Scientists have a limited amount of time to spend in the lab each day, and any advantage that can reduce the amount of time spent pipetting and free up that time for other tasks is beneficial. Further to this, certain protocol steps require reagents to be added to reaction wells across a 96 well plate quickly while maintaining accuracy. An electronic pipette can be of huge benefit to scientists in these situations. Did you also know some electronic pipettes can be programmed to follow your protocol? For example, you can program some of these pipettes to aspirate and dispense 500 µL, followed by 750 µL and 1000 µL.
2. Electronic Pipette Ergonomics
There is a lot of discussion about ergonomics these days. From office chairs and desk heights to how to lift heavy objects; people have become more aware of how important ergonomics is to overall wellbeing. In science, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is the hot topic when it comes to ergonomics. Scientists can develop thumb, wrist, or shoulder pain after pipetting for long periods of time. Switching to an electronic pipette greatly reduces scientists’ risk of RSI, due to improved ergonomic shape and design, and reduced thump activity during prolonged and repeated pipetting. Although many electronic pipettes were traditionally heavier than their mechanical counterparts, Advances in plastics and batteries enable some designs to be extremely light
4. Reduced Sources of Human Error
Having most of the pipetting process automated by using electronic pipette likely reduces the possibility of human error. User to user variability is also removed from equation if scientists are using the same settings, meaning that data and results become more reproducible.