Back Up Storage Battery

Main feature of back-up storage battery:

  • Application areas: UPS, Energy Storage Station, Electric Patient Bed and Wheelchair etc.
  • Li-ion polymer cells, Li-ion cylindrical cells( Panasonic cell, LG cell,Samsung cell )
  • Standard type, High temperature type, Low temperature type, High Rate Type and Long cycle life type
  • Chemistry systems: Li(NiCoMn)O2, LiFePO4
  • Multi-cells battery pack in series and parallel
  • High performance, long service life and high safety characteristics
  • Integrated intelligent PCBA with Communication protocol and software control
  • Customized plastic case and hardware configuration
  • KAYO branded promotion and OEM service
  • Environmental friendly
  • BMS including
  • Voltage Capacity Application
    12V 20A 30A 50AH 80AH 100AH Lead acid replacement batteries
    24V 20A 30A 50AH 80AH 100AH Robot batteries
    36V 20A 30A 50AH 80AH 100AH Electric scooter batteries
    48V 20A 30A 50AH 80AH 100AH Electric Bicycle batteries
    60V 20A 30A 50AH 80AH 100AH Electric motorcycle batteries
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