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Portable battery Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology

If your are enthusiasm astronomers,your may need high quality, precision instruments and superior quality optical systems. For the superior quality optical systems, our can find this in celestron,Sky Watcher. But kayo battery can provide high quality battery. Please find below the advantages of them. A:un-recharged shelf life of 10 years. B: Long time cycles life, it […]

KAYO-Professional battery solutions

Year 2020 is extraordinary year.World economic growth was weak, international economic and trade frictions intensified, and downward pressure on the domestic economy grew. Kayo battery with CEO Mr Zhang at its core rallied the Kayo people and led them in surmounting difficulties and accomplishing the year’s main targets and tasks, we have finished out target revenue for this year. Thanks to our […]

Social distance

During this critical time in our world, it is better to keep social distance.Every individual or organizations have the aims to to maintain total occupancy for a safer and healthier environment for both staff and customers. As for the organizations such as the  big shops,malls, museums,they have to keep  Crowd Control and Surveillance Solution monitors the […]

smart lock

What’s the functions of the smart locks,the functions should be based on  installation, security, features, and smart home compatibility.Due to COVID-19, we should stay at home and keep social distance. But surely we need to get the parcel everyday,now smart lock would help your.When the deliveryman delivery the parcel to your, your have to let them go into […]

How we do facing the Covid-19

As many cities approach a full month in lockdown, white-collar workers are settling into routines that previously would have seemed bizarre. A new poll by scholars at MIT found that 34% of American employees have switched from commuting to remote work. So below are the approach of kayobattery’s action Kayo battery is taking action to […]

Kayo battery’s strength

Kayobattery have the specialized machinery and experienced operators that are needed to make high performance What’s more,kayo battery compliance with child-labour laws is strong , that cannot always be said about other markets. Besides kayobattery are located in Pearl river delta, which is unmateched even in Silicon valley with unique blend of scale and agility. Although other firms are […]

Short journey In Qingyuan Guandong province

New high revune for kayobattery in June 2019. In order to celebrate the new high revenue for kayobattery in June 2019. As our boss’s opinion, everyone has done something to countribute to those new high revenue. We will extend the coverage of policy incentive in the form of equities and dividends to allow the people share […]

New factory in Dongguan city

With over 10 years of development, KAYO get high reputation at home and aboard. More and more company would like to choose cooperate with Kayo battery. In order to meet the leadtime of our customers,we shift our packing factory in Dongguancity as below address Dongguan Factory Address:No 123, One Lane,ShaJingTou, MaTiGang village,DaLingShanTown,Dongguan City,China With the […]