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Solar energy and energy crisis

As the war goes on, the problem of energy crisis is severe. What’s more the prolem of climate change is severe too.   There is new solutions for the climate change. What happens if you dim the sun by geoengineering and remove solar energy from the surface That is good idea,but how to storage this […]

Clean energy

Engery and commodities lie at the dark heart of Russia. Now it is so urgency to the creation of an energy system which depnds more on sun, wind and nuclear reactors than on derricks and rigs. Weeks of chaos in energy markets are beginning to hurt consumers. Petro prices in Los Angeles are over $6 […]

Women’s day

International Women’s Day is powered by the collective efforts of all Kayo battery always devote to keep women’s right. There are lots of women in KAYO who are Middle and upper management including the CFO, the GM . Production line workers in the battery’s production line are most of women. Besides they have the some […]

Electric vehicles battery

Spending on electric vehicles has risen particularly quickly, by 77% since 2020 to $273bn, helped along by rapidly shifting consumer preferences and big orders from delivery and car rental companies. So catch this movement, if you need any battery for Electric vehicles please contact to us

Supply Chains for Battery

Disruptions are historically high-and uncertainty lies ahead. There are three issues. First for the raw material, all the raw material roard to the high point, in this way the raw supplier have concern to order new raw material. So the lead time for the battery is delay. Second “ocean timeliness indicatoer”,. The shipment to move […]


Inflation soard to its highest level in over a decard in 2021. The beggest month-over-month increase since September -get this -2008.The sharp increase in inflation blindsided man economists. It’s the most important question for the global economy at the moment.Inflation is when prices rise over time. All the raw material of battery from the cobalt, […]

Who is the Number one in Lithium-ion battery filed

When Yoshion Akira, a JAPANESE chemist, worked on rechargeable batteries in the 1980s, it was with a view to powering portable devices. His Nobel-prizewinning research led to the first commercial lithium-ion(Li-ion) battery. These now power everything from smartphones to electric vehicles(EVs) . But the Japanese firms that, bulding on Mr Yoshino’s work, dominatedd the Li-ion […]


Congratulation! Congratulation! New factory for kayo battery! Below are our new address for kayobattery! Developing Building 8203, Tongzhou electronic Longgang factory, No. 1 Baolong fifth road, Baolong community, Baolong street, Longgang District, SHENZHEN GUANGDONG 523810, CHINA

The global chip shortage affect battery fields

Microchips were a boom-and-bust industry even before covid-19. For want of a chip, the factory was lost On May 18th Toyota became the latest carmaker forced to cut production amid a global shortage of microchips, announcing it would suspend work at two of its plants in Japan. The pain is not confined to the car […]

Battery raw material soared in 2021

For the batteries, Telsa’s boss Elon Musk has big ambition for electric cars due to Tesla’s surging shares give it the resources to grow fast. But the established carmakers won’t lose the electric cars marketing. On Feb 17th Ford’s European division said that it would go all -electric by 2030. Days earlier Jaguar Land Rover,announced […]