Portable battery Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology

If your are enthusiasm astronomers,your may need high quality, precision instruments and superior quality optical systems. For the superior quality optical systems, our can find this in celestron,Sky Watcher. But kayo battery can provide high quality battery. Please find below the advantages of them.

A:un-recharged shelf life of 10 years.

B: Long time cycles life, it can reach about 1000times.

C: What’s more it is portable, it can be take to your to any place.


KAYO-Professional battery solutions

Year 2020 is extraordinary year.World economic growth was weak, international economic and trade frictions intensified, and downward pressure on the domestic economy grew. Kayo battery with CEO Mr Zhang at its core rallied the Kayo people and led them in surmounting difficulties and accomplishing the year’s main targets and tasks, we have finished out target revenue for this year. Thanks to our professional R&D teams, cooprative Logistics people, skillfull production line people,intelligent board members,Kayo battery has gone to a new level.

Our R&D people has provide more new goods such as Lead acid battery, portable solar generator.