The future of the cars battery

In 1900 ONE in three cars on Americian roads ran on vots.Then oil began gushing out of Texas.Cheaper than batteries, and easier to top up, petrol fuelled the rise of mass-produced automobiles.

EV sales are,however, accelerating as quickly as electric motors themselves. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a consultancy, EV will account for nearly 15% of the global total by 2025.

China goernment sees the electrification of transport as a way to combat choking urban smog, so Chinese government encourge the EV develpment. Now China has half the world’s EVs sales.

Sure other car industry’s juggernauts do not want to miss this trends. From GM and Geely to Mercedes and Nissan, big carmakers all want to turn out millions of such cars.

So kayo don’t like to lose this trends. Kayo has cooperated with the Powertrain to have the vehicle.Please find below for your reference.